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New Temporary Hair Color With Adore!

New Temporary Hair Color With Adore!

Sorry for my absence. I went on a much needed vacay! Prior to my vacay I wanted to try something different. That included adding a little cool color to my hair. I decided on Adore Purple Rage & Violet Gem.

My hair as the base wasn’t totally blonde so therefore I knew the color wouldn’t be totally vibrant or like the color on the box, but I knew it would be a change that I was looking for for vacation!


Throughout the vacation, the color seemed to get a little more subtle.




I think it was a fun temporary change, but I will definitely be going back to my blonde and perhaps later down the line will play with different tones…perhaps blue or something! Idk..I will see what I decide them.

The fun thing about temporary and semi-permanent is it can come out so you aren’t stuck to it forever until your hair grows out 🙂