New Skincare Products: Citrus Clear Review

New Skincare Products: Citrus Clear Review


Have you heard of Citrus Clear skincare brand? I recently was introduced to the brand of chemical free skincare products. I have been looking for new skincare lines and was excited to try them out.

Even though I used to not be into ingredients, over the past year I have really been more particular about what I put on my skin to cleanse and moisturize it. I have been breaking out more than usual this past year and my skin is doing all types of weird things. I have definitely been paying more attention to the products. I have had great results with chemical free skincare products.

Another thing is, I’ve recently developed eczema AND my mother and aunt have rosacea so since it’s in my family, I have to protect my skin and prepare. These are the products I tried out:

Gentle Cleanser Sensitive Facewash Formulated to remove excess oil without overs stripping your face of its delicate balance. Gently washes away oil, dirt and bacteria.

Sensitive Moisturizer Pink Grapefruit   The formula contains soothing botanicals, citrus ingredients, and powerful vitamins designed to gently balance facial skin tone.

Grapefruit Acne Spot Treatment Designed for use right on the spot where the acne breakout has occurred

Tangerine Tingle  Contains gentle exfoliating ingredients which remove oil, dirt, and impurities. Contains glycolic acid which exfoliates dead skin cells and keeps pores from clogging. Lemon oil helps improve and brighten complexion.

The face wash is amazing. It smells like lemon which I loovvveee. It’s a gel type of cleanser and feels like it is deep cleaning my skin. My face feels smooth and refreshed after I rinse it out…and my face smells good too after lol 

I then  use a small amount of the moisturizer. This keeps my skin feeling smooth. I use it at night and in the morning.  If I have a blemish or can feel one coming through, I dab on the Acne Spot Treatment. This is a light gel formula and you only need a little bit. It has definitely prevented some mini-breakouts. You know how you can feel acne underneath your skin before it actually shows on your skin? Well, I attack then!

When I want a deep clean and my face is feeling dirty from sweat from working out, I put on the Tangerine Tingle. If you are anything like me, you will love the way your skin feels with this product. It tingles your skin slightly and removes all of the nastiness from sweating while working out. After I rinse this mask off, I am left with bright skin.

To top off the great products, the packaging is great! Most of the items comes in a glass bottle so it looks amazing too!

Will you be checking out Citrus Clear?