New Show: Undercovers Gugu Mbatha-Raw

I am so upset I missed Undercovers last night. It’s a new show with Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw . I had never heard of or seen Gugu Mbatha-Raw but she is breathtaking. She is a British actress of South African decent. Check out her natural hair.

Loving her style. I’m sure we will be seeing her curls alot soon. Check out The Undercovers on NBC Wednesdays at 8pm.


curly comments!

  • OMG I made sure that I watched that show. i want it to make it for a few seasons and not just one or two. I love me some Kodjoe. I love the natural hair that this actress rocks too. They both have great on screen chemistry and I really like this show. I’m so done watching Top Model and would rather watch Undercover then follow it with a round of Hell’s Kitchen, lol.

  • I didn’t really like the show. It seemed kinda cliche, but I do remember her from Doctor Who on BBC America, She’s a great actress.

  • Cheneri

    Great Show I also missed it on wednesday because we have Bablie Study!! But it did also do a rerun on USA tonight and it a must see show I will be adding this one to my Fav list!!

  • Ree

    You might be able to catch the whole pilot episode on the website. I enjoyed it. The look of the show was classy and sophisticated–setting, wardrobe etc.Will watch the series again. I can always do the dvr thing for Top Model. I want to see different types of shows and storylines featuring lead characters of color. Something besides a sitcom, music video or VH1 reality show for a change. There are other types of shows that feature characters of color, but they’re often in supporting or second/third banana roles. Boris and Gugu are the main attraction here. That’s why I’m determined to support this one. I hope it does well in the ratings and sticks around for a while.

  • Lady Arabella

    I LOVE Gugu’s curls. Her natural hair looks gorgeous.