New Salon Show coming to Vh1

I heard that they had a new salon show coming to TV…I was hoping it would be an Atlanta based salon but its a Beverly Hills Salon. You may remember Elgin Charles from Good Hair or from the old show on Style (I forgot the name of it) where Stylists switched salons and had to see if they could cut it in a totally different city/style of salon. Here is a clip of the show:

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From 2:03-2:05-  I cant!

The women seem cool. I can see it being like the typical African American salon with the gossiping and yelling.

Thats going out of style in Atlanta nowadays- there are rules in the salons from Management to the stylists so you don’t have to hear all of that if you don’t want to. However, that can be very entertaining. I am ready to see an African American salon based show–seems more like a Bravo show to me though. Anyway…

What do you think? Will you be tuning in?


curly comments!

  • lena

    i remember the show where they switch places…and those are the same stylists. i will tune in it looks funny,

  • Mrs. J

    I will be watching. Looks like its going to replace the drama of the ATL wives.

  • Novella L.

    Was he on Tears Shears & Beauty or Spilt Ends. This looks good!
    I can’t wait to watch I believe Elgin Charles is the ex-husband of
    Jackee Harry.

  • happynappy2009

    ok this looks like some drama lol…. i may give it 2 views to see what it’s about. The look on his face when the guy asked him how would he feel about a more conservative hairstyle = priceless!

  • CMaddux

    This show looks hilarious! I’ll probably take a peek at it. I do know one thing, HIS hair was laid!!