RickysNYC’s No Frizz Comb

Well…It’s new to me since we dont have a Ricky’s in Atlanta. The nice beauty supply store that seems to be everywhere in New York sells combs that are infused with olive oil. Sounds different!?! I would be interested to see how these work. I saw this comb featured on the front of Yahoo today as one of the Top 25 Summer Beauty All Stars so I had to research this.

They say that these combs : (by the way, there are several sized combs they offer)

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 7.15.34 PM

There is so much to say about these combs that we probably should have named them “miracle combs.” We used a special process of baking olive oil within the plastic as well as NANO. The outcome is a comb that allows for faster drying, and its micro-sized particles fill in the damaged hair to create a seamless surface inhibiting bacterial growth. It eliminates frizz, and is anti-static. It adds a natural soft shine without an oily feeling. This comb also recognizes where excess natural oil deposits are and redistributes them to a proper balance. it also works great for dry cuts by controlling fly away hair.

Sounds pretty interesting to me. Next time I am in New York, hopefully soon, I will pick one up. They have great prices. You can research the No Frizz combs if you are interested at