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*NEW* Pur Minerals Lip Lure Swatches

*NEW* Pur Minerals Lip Lure Swatches

Review pur minerals lip lure swatches

Recently I was sent the new set of lip products from Pur Minerals- Lip Lure Hydrating Lip Lacquer.

I have been a fan of Pur Minerals lip glosses and was so excited to try out their new lip products since I have switched over the past couple of years to more of a lipstick girl and a matte girl over lip glosses.

When I am looking for lipsticks, I want something that doesn’t dry my lips out. I have dry lips in general so I don’t need anything adding to that. I’m always on the search for great color payoff plus soft lips. I don’t want to have to reapply every 30 minutes either.

pur minerals lip lure

These Lip Lures are a great addition to my lipsticks!!! From the first moment I put these on my lips I was surprised how it made my lips feel. It feel like an amazing lip balm. The color, was even more vibrant than I expected. Generally, from what I have noticed, the more moisturizing a lip color is, the less color it has. This lip color is not like that and brings it ALL!!!

Other great things I have noticed: the Lip Lures glide on super smooth, it’s slightly glossy, & and it lasts a pretty good amount of time.

So far they have 5 shades. Here are my swatches:

Graceful- “A natural beige with a hint of romance”

graceful lip lure pur minerals

Belle- “Perfect natural shade”

belle lip lure pur minerals swatch ulta

Fancy- “lustrous mauve”

fancy lip lure pur minerals swatch ulta

Fiery- “fierce siren”

lip lure pur minerals swatch ulta fiery

Mystic- “Ripe blackberry with a hint of raspberry”

LEXIWITHTHECURLS.COM  mystic lip lure pur minerals ulta


My favorite are definitely Fancy and Mystic. Fancy for an everyday shade and Mystic for the evening! You should definitely pick one (or some) of these up. Your lips won’t regret it!!! They retail for $22 and I think it’s totally worth it. I have been on the hunt for soft lips with great color and I am so glad these worked out for me!