New Product- Ouidad’s Nourishing Cleansing Oil Review

New Product- Ouidad’s Nourishing Cleansing Oil Review


Ouidad is at it again!! Providing awesome innovative products. Oil is great for our hair and we need to cleanse. Ouidad introduces, The Nourishing Cleansing Oil . The best of both worlds!!!

You know I had high expectations- 1) because I have high expectations period for Ouidad and 2) it’s an oil that cleanses <– It just sounds amazing. Here is what they say about the products:

Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil is a foaming, water-activated cleanser with an advanced oil base that gently removes dirt and build-up while restoring essential moisture. Our proprietary CR-4 Repair Complex™ – including nutrient-rich Mafura Butter and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil – envelopes the hair shaft with a cushion-like coating of concentrated fatty acids that are vital to rebuilding, nourishing and protecting hair in need of repair. Silk proteins and coconut oils bind to the cuticle to sustain hydration and resist damage while enhancing body and shine.

This product is recommended by Ouidad for Tight Curly Hair & Kinky Hair.

Here is what I say about the products:

Great! The oil has an amazing scent and it feels great!  The consistency of the product was really nice. Kinda slippery and oil-like but still enough thickness to spread throughout the hair. Literally just think of a thicker oil. It didn’t dry my hair out at all. It got my scalp clean and was moisturized immediately!!

After that, I used their new Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner and Styling Primer (which I have been using for awhile now).

The two products together are apart of their Curly Recovery!

Have you checked out Ouidad’s newest products?