New Platinum Blonde

New Platinum Blonde

As you know, I’ve been rocking blonde for awhile now. In the past two years I have gotten lighter and lighter. I think I have chosen to go lighter now because my hair is shorter — and the more blonde– the more potential damage.

The biggest thing I love about being natural is the versatile. I can wear it curly or straight. Generally my biggest concern when going in is if my curls will still be there after bleaching.

I asked on IG stories if someone knew someone who could do my roots— it was a ton of growth since the last time I colored my hair.

I was excited to be recommended to Carmen @CarmenMaximus who is a colorist , stylists and nail tech. I booked with her and got my hair colored the next week.

She used Olaplex to help keep my hair healthy. (I have the at-Home system as well)

I love the results!! Thanks Carmen!!