New Meetup- August 6th, 2010

Alright its meetup time again. So this is sooo last minute I know. Bronner Bro’s is coming up so I figured why not do something the day before Bronner Bros which is August 6 th 8- 10:30pm. Mark your calendars. If you are a vendor and want to provide samples, please let me know. If you are a stylist or salon, definitely come out and represent your salon.

So far 100 people said they would be attending in 2 days…so I expect the list to get much higher. But in events, you can only expect to have about half the people show. I could see maybe between 100-130 attending. The Location is TBD. I am looking for a venue now. I hope to see you all there. Check on “Gorgeous Atlanta Naturals” group on Facebook for details and request to be invited if you are not in the group so we can add you. I will also keep people updated on here as well on the event tab.