New Knotless Braids – Worth The Hype

New Knotless Braids – Worth The Hype

Knotless braids have been gaining popularity but it still isn’t a staple hairstyle. I randomly found out about them through Instagram Discovery page and instantly became obsessed with how natural they look at the roots!

Knotless braids (or no-knot braids) are similar to box braids but don’t have the hump at the top that makes them bulkier at the root. I prefer flat braids so this new service was appealing to me.

Instead of the braided adding all the hair at the root, they feed in small piece as they go down but they start the braid with just your hair.

Tip: I always find my braiders on Instagram. I search hashtags. I used the #KnotlessbraidsATL hashtag to find some people. I will admit, the price can be pretty steep for these because it does take more time than traditional braids. I saw ranges from 200-450. Because I don’t keep braids in forever , I picked someone who did quality work at an affordable price to me. You can find her here Taty on IG– she is based south of Atlanta.

After 7 hours, the result is it’s PAIN-FREE and looks more natural! The biggest appeal is pain free. I am extremely tender headed— like seriously tender headed and I am usually taking pain pills for at least 2-3 days later.

After the service I was able to put my hair up without pain, toss it around, and everything.

The timing didn’t bother me because I wasn’t sitting there in pain for 7 hours and this is the first time I literally didn’t complain in my head about how long it was taking. I respect braiders and their craft and I know it takes time, so I am as patient as possible –(in my head though— I’m impatient af lol)

I am so pleased with the results and how flat it is! I will never go back to box braids!!!