New KeraCare® Natural Textures for Natural Hair! sent me over some products and I got a surprise. I received the KeraCare Natural Textures line. I didn’t even know that they had a natural hair line!! I was so amazed at the types of products they had.  I have been trying to wash my hair for so long (wearing my hair straight leaves my scalp so itchy- plus I am used to washing my hair every 3 or 4 days). I was planning on doing a Twist out and saw that they have a product specifically for twist outs.  How awesome is that? I have been scouring the beauty supply stores looking for some new products to do twist outs with.

Here is info on the products:

The new KeraCare® Natural Textures line is specially formulated for naturally curly, non-relaxed hair textures. A carefully selected mixture of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Amla & Shikakai (Ayurvedic) Botanicals, Argan & Abyssinian Oils is in each product to infuse moisture and shine the natural way.

Cleansing Cream ($13.10)
Sulfate Free Moisturizing Curl Wash
Gently cleanses hair and scalp while neem leaf extract helps eliminate scalp bacteria.

  • Eliminates styling product build-up.
  • Eases combing.
  • Soothes and clarifies dry or itchy scalp conditions.

Leave-In Conditioner ($11.98)
Amla and Shikakai moisturize dry frizzy hair while wet and prepare the hair for styling into concise coils and curls.

  • Helps seal cuticles.
  • Balances hair pH.
  • Helps preserve elasticity, strength and health of natural hair.

Hair Milk ($17.99)
Daily Hair Sustainer

  • Rejuvenates dry, frizzy, lifeless curls, coils and twists.
  • Protects the elasticity, strength and health of natural hair.

(Also great after defining and styling with Natural Textures Defining Custard or Twist & Define Cream to soften and enhance the finish look.)

Butter Cream ($17.50)
Everyday Moisturizer
A moisture locking soufflé for manageability and vitality.

  • Hydrates curls and coils.
  • Smoothes hair amazingly.
  • Promotes healthy hair growth.

(Also may be used to set soft lustrous twists and twist-outs)

Twist & Define Cream ($14.99)
For Silky Shiny Twists & Twist-Outs
Allows you to maximize your twist ability with ease!

  • Allows smooth, shiny, soft twists and twist-outs.
  • Thoroughly moisturizes hair.
  • Non-flaking

(Also may be used for shingling.)

Defining Custard ($14.99)
For Curls & Coils
Aids in getting shiny, well moisturized, clearly defined curls, waves and spirals.

  • Defines curls.
  • Maintains structured coils for days.
  • Minimizes frizz.

I received the whole line so I will first do a twist out with the “Twist and Define Cream” and next I will try “Butter Cream”. I will probably use the “Hair Milk” after the original twist set to retwist each night. I will for sure do a post, and if I have time, I will do a video of the results.

Have you heard of the new Natural Textures line? If so, what products have you tried and what products are you interested in based on the details?