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NEW Indique U-Part Wig In Pure Wavy

NEW Indique U-Part Wig In Pure Wavy

I was ecstatic to hear that one of my favorite extensions brands Indique (found at came out with U-Part wigs. I was able to pick one up for the Atlanta store and wear during my trip to New Orleans.

This was my absolute first time wearing a u-part wig and it was sooo easy. Firstly, the quality of the U-Part was really great! There are 6 clips to secure your hair. The stylist who colored the wig (Alicia from Urban Tangles salon) admired the quality of the wig. The wig has about 7 ounces of hair and it was the perfect amount for me.

Gabrielle from Indique gave me the scoop on how to braid my hair to create the perfect palette for the U-part. So I blew my hair out and started my braids. (Firstly, I’m not even a good braider). I was able to make something happen lol.

photo 3

I created a U shape in the front for my leave out and I left a small amount of the perimeter of my hair. The rest I braided straight back and then pinned up.

Now was the super easy part. I took the u-part wig and started at the back clipping it into my hair. Starting at the back, I secured and stretched over to the braids. At the top I was able to secure it nicely.

From there, I just straightened my leave out and curled it and that was it. This was probably the easiest style I have ever done. I can literally do this in under an hour from washing my hair to putting on the U-part! That’s washing and conditioning, blowing out my hair, braiding it , putting in the U-part and then blending my hair. Supperrr easy!

Indique Pure Wavy U-Part Wig, 24″, Large base


DSC_0477finish DSC_0503

Clean Sevyn Birthday Dinner (54 of 231)

I am going to the Beyonce concert tonight and then a video shoot tomorrow so I will be rocking this super easy style..and then the next day, back to curly!! I love the versatility!!