New Haul-FHI

I decided I’m going to straighten my hair again from time to time. I’m not against straightening, but I am against burning your hair. I’ve had my hair burned at salons especially in my earlier years when I would let people use a hot comb with the stove iron on my hair—not everyone knows how to use these properly. It takes a very trained person to know how much heat certain textures can take. I will admit that when I straightened my hair every 2-3 weeks, my hair retained its length more because my hair wasn’t all tangled at the bottom. I purchased a FHI iron and dryer

I got these at and saved money. If I would have purchased it anywhere else the dryer alone would be $150 and the ceramic iron would be $120. I spent less than $200 for both of these. Plus I scour the internet for hours looking for online coupons.

My intentions are to do my hair MYSELF..unless I am getting a cut or color–I will leave that to the professionals 😉 I am going to watch plenty of YouTube videos to learn how to blowdry straight with a denman brush or a round brush. I think I can do the same thing at home. Of course I am going to use a great heat protector.