New Half up corn row style

So I decided to try something new today. I decided to cornrow the front of my hair. It took me forever and for some reason the straight backs looked HORRIBLE so I had to try different methods and finally I realized that I can do them going down and they look decent but not back. Sooo anyway, I’m horrible at parting and once I finally got a couple of braids down..I was not about to take them out and re-do them all to part a different way so I was kind of winging it. Here are the results


This is my first time doing cornrows for style instead of just for braid outs where it didn’t have to be tight or parted correctly, etc… I think I did an okay job for the first time. I just have to learn how to manuever my fingers to do straight back as well. I did a video. I’m about to post soon. Let me know what you think or if you have any tips for cornrowing.

IMG00871-20100709-0225Side comment: I tried out Aubrey Organics yesterday….LOVE the White Camellia Ultra-Smoothing Conditioner . It was AMAZING. I have heard such great things about this brand and was so happy to be able to try it out. I loved the consistency of the conditioner and the smell. As soon as I smoothed it on I was in awe. It definitely made my hair softer. I hope it lasts. You know how you try conditioners and they work great and then a month down the line it does nothing? I hope this lasts because it makes my hair feel great. My friend Amber has been telling me about this for years. I’m definitely hooked already 🙂 Thanks Amber for the recommendation.