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New Hair Tool: Spruce Up Your Curls With Q-Redew

New Hair Tool: Spruce Up Your Curls With Q-Redew

I was introduced to Q-Redew about a month ago. The Q-Redew is a handheld device that emits warm mist into your hair to reactive your curls. No more washing or wetting your hair everyday, this is a quick easy way to spruce up your curls in a few minutes.

It works on all textures too!

It’s even great if you want to do a twist out but don’t want to wash your hair again or don’t want to do a dry twist out. The owner states:

 I have been getting feedback from Q-Redew users that they use the hand held Q-Redew to quickly steam hair to add moisture and then apply their favorite product to lock in the moisture before they twist or braid. It is a great idea to extend a style when there is no time to start over or sit under a steamer to deep condition.

Check out WonderCurl as she did the method above:

Looks great! This sounds like a great idea. What do you think about the Q-Redew?