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New Hair: Senegalese Twists With Elasta QP

New Hair: Senegalese Twists With Elasta QP


This past Sunday I decided to do a protective style. Faux locs were on my mind heavy….but after hearing about the days and days it takes to put in, I decided against it since I was doing them myself. I decided on Senegalese Twists.

I already had Kanekalon hair left over from my sad attempt at doing box braids before my trip to Costa Rica for New Years so everything was already in the house.

I watched about 20 videos on how to do Senegalese Twists. Most of them started by placing the hair in the middle and rolling both sides into your hair before proceeding with the twists. For some reason, I could NOT figure this out. Everytime I tried it just slipped off my hair. I saw a couple of videos where they started off with a braid first and then twisted. That is how I did it a couple of years ago. I decided to go that route since the rolling and twisting just wasn’t my thing.

I had about 5 packs of Kanekalon hair and did some color 27 and some color 4. I wanted there to be a contrast since my hair is darker in the back than in the front. I started by sectioning my hair and then grabbing hair but not parting. I tried to make sure each section was around the same size. There are some things you will need:


  1. Kanekalon hair– probably around 5 packs
  2. Rat-tail comb- It makes it easier if you section off your hair. I did 4 quadrants. It helped me get through the sections faster…or at least feel like it was faster lol.
  3. Clips– To section off your hair. You want to make sure that stray hairs don’t get caught up in the twist you are working on. After I grabbed each section to start the twists, I clips up the additional hair in the section.
  4. Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer- You need a moisturizer prior to adding hair in. You want to make sure you coat the hair first from root to tip. Alot of these artificial hairs are not really good for our hair. They can make our hair dry so you should definitely coat your hair with a moisturizer. This is my moisturizer of choice and I have been using it since I went natural basically many moons ago lol.

So all in all, it took 6.5 hours. The Kanekelon hair is generally only $1.99 a pack so it was a super inexpensive protective style.

Final Look:


IMG_6039 IMG_6027


I am going to keep these in for about 3-4 weeks to give my hair a break from the straightening and coloring I have been doing.

Will share some hairstyles I end up doing.