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New Hair Cut & Finding a Stylist/Barber Through

New Hair Cut & Finding a Stylist/Barber Through

After getting my hair cut once, I figured this is my time to play with my hair more. I got more color and I have been wanting an edgier cut but I wanted to get the basic tapered cut first to see how I liked it.

I decided to go the route! Style Seat helps you find stylists, barbers, nail techs, MUA’s etc and you can search by your current location. It has been super helpful for me. Sometimes, also people will have great deals as well. You book right through the system.

I perused the site for a dope barber and here pops up Tariq Nevar. After looking through several barbers on there, he had a good solid portfolio not to mention he actually had a service specifically for women so that showed me he was comfortable cutting women’s hair. I would imagine not all barbers are comfortable cutting women’s hair.

I booked the appointment and showed up to his shop. Now this was my first time at a barbershop so I was totally nervous. Being the only girl most of the time wasn’t as bad as I thought. Totally different from a salon, it was definitely cool vibes and great music.

After my consultation with Tariq and showing him a couple of pictures, we decided on a look that would give my hair flow and I wanted low sides and the very back/bottom low (but not a true undercut). He picked out my hair all over and got to cutting. Me trying to be still the whole time so he wouldn’t cut too much, he switched between multiple barber appliances.

After the cut, before he washed my hair:

IMG_7194 IMG_7179


After he washed it, it blew the roots to get volume and put Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade for the curls to pop in the front and voila!


I can’t wait to play around with it! Look out for some product reviews coming up.