New glasses! Lexi’s Glasses Review

New glasses! Lexi’s Glasses Review

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I have been searching far and wide for some great glasses at a great price. In the past I was one of those that would buy designer glasses, spend a ton of money, but wear them for years. Now, I am a little more practical.

Last year I went to my eye doctor and was told (again :/ :sigh: ) that my eyes are damaging from me sleeping in my contacts too long. Even though my contacts allow me to sleep in them, I used to sleep in them longer than they suggest. It’s all my fault! For years I have been told that I could permanently damage my eyes and because I didn’t want to wear glasses and felt geeky with them, I still slept in my contacts anyway.

My last doc said ” No more overnight in your contacts”. He gave me a prescription for daily contacts instead and advised me to wear my glasses 90% of the time. If you have been following me since I started, you hardly ever see me in glasses. Even if I have them on, I take them off for the picture. I really feel like a nerd with my glasses on.

Now that I have to wear glasses 90% of the time, I figure it will help me and be easier for me to get different pairs to go with my look for the day. The same glasses everyday has gotten boring for me. So far for the past 9 months , I have been wearing my glasses mostly. I put a post up on my IG and asked people for suggestions. Youtuber Charmsie suggested I check out which is based in Canada.

I checked out their site and Instagram and fell in love with the variety AND prices. You can get a full pair of trendy glasses from between $50-60 (they have higher end glasses too). I had a field day searching through. I landed on 5 that I loved. I wanted to narrow it down to 4 – two fun glasses with different colors , a brown pair and a black pair. I had 2 in the brown section and unfortunately I couldn’t narrow it down. Thank God for RetailMeNot’s coupon…I got 30% off the total so I was able to purchase all 5 for UNDER $200!!! You read that right! That includes prescription in the lenses too!! Their customer service was amazing also. I had an issue with my prescription and called and Nicolas helped me out a great deal. Great product + great prices + great customer service= Winning!

To top it off- I ordered them on Friday and they came on Tuesday!!!!! Fast processing and shipping!! Already love!!! Check out the video and pics below:


Gant Colby Purple Tortoise (Don’t mind my horrible brows) I picked these out online first. They spoke to me. Purple is my favorite color and I love tortoise frames so the mix was practically made for me!


Hardy 9038 Cedar I saw these on their IG page and had to have them. I think they are a little big and not quite my style, but it gives off a cool geek-chic look I think.



Love L769 Blush Petal These are the ones I had been crushing on forever but was unsure how it looked on me. To be honest, I wasn’t totally obsessed when I first tried them on (could’ve been it didn’t go with what I had on), but after wearing them again for pics, I love them! They are fun and different.



Gant Rugger Wolfie LTO Light Tortoise These are my favorite out of the bunch. These are going to be my new go-to everyday glasses. I found these just perusing their site.



Gant Rugger Calvert Black These I’m so-so about. I think they are cute and simple, but I think I should’ve gotten a jazzier pair in Black. But I think I will keep them. I wear mostly neutral tones so Black won’t be an everyday pair for me anyway. They are growing on me more though.


Check out some of my favorite glasses by scrolling through and clicking on them below and make sure you find a coupon code!!!

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