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New Extensions! Halley’s Curls Candy Curls

(This is from last week)

This is looonnggg overdue. I took out my last weave because the 3rd batch I got (which went on the bottom) was . I mean, absolutely horrible. It tangled and shed like nobody’s business. It was way too much because every 5 minutes I had to comb through and detangle. It was a bulge of birds nest just with that bundle of hair. Such a waste of money..Ugghh

Enough of my rant…I had some hair that I won from Halley’s Curls called Candy Curls. It had been like a year πŸ™ I even dyed one of the bundles HERE. So I took the old hair out. Shampooed in between the cornrows and then put some oil on my scalp and then once my hair was dry, I spent about 2 hours sewing in the new hair. I am sooo happy with it! It reminds me of Beyonce how she has her hair every once in awhile (for those of you that don’t know, I am a semi-Beyonce Stan as well as her little sis).

So here it goes. It is 3 bundles, 24 inches a piece. I sewed it into the old cornrows.

Later on that day, I layered the hair so that my leave out was the first layer then I layered from that point to make it look more natural–at first it was my hair and then like 10 inches down was the other hair lol.

I don’t think I’m going to keep it in too long because I kinda wanted to have my natural hair out for the World Natural Hair Show—but we’ll see. (I took it out yesterday because I needed to wash my hair) Β It is so convenient to have in a protective style πŸ™‚

I blended the hair by twisting my straightened hair into the extensions and then taking it out in the morning.

And here is my hair later!

All in all, I loved the hair. I only kept it in a week because I just wanted to see what it looked like. I realized that I did need to take the cornrows out and wash my hair foreal!! lol I will keep it out for awhile.

The hair didn’t shed, it didn’t get tangled, it was great! I got alot of compliments on the hair so thats a good sign even though I thought my blending was HORRIBLE. I worked it out to not look like my blending was bad.

I am steadily learning how to sew in so it was great practice again. Check out my post tomorrow when I have my hair out.