New Bigen Hair Products + Giveaway

New Bigen Hair Products + Giveaway

I have been a Bigen fan for years now. My mother always used to use it(I think she still does) and I see men use the brand too for nice, clean lines on their haircut! I’ve even used some of the Semi-Permanent hair colors when I wanted a temporary change.

I was surprised to find out that they now have hair products outside of the hair color sector. It is a Japanese brand and they incorporate hair secrets of Asian women who have long, strong, shiny hair. Check out the specs on their new products.

  • Bigen’s Protect & Repair Shampoo and Deep Conditioner  feature rice water, the centuries old beauty secret of Asian women who would bathe in the water leftover from washing rice to keep hair and skin moisturized and supple.  Combined with sunflower oil, this nutrient rich, anti-breakage formula repairs both internal and external damage while creating lasting elasticity, body and overall shine.
  • Bigen Sheen Spray is a nourishing oil sheen and conditioning spray that combines a blend of natural botanicals including sunflower oil and shea butter to refresh dull strands and provide radiant, long-lasting shine.
  • Bigen Polishing Serum enhances shine while taming frizz and flyaways. A blend of sunflower oil and shea butter infuse hair with moisture to leave it polished and smooth.

I got a chance to check out the new products and I was blown away. The shampoo didn’t dry out my hair or anything. It actually had slip too so I was able to detangle with my fingers.
I put on the deep conditioner and let it sit for awhile and then rinsed it out and my hair definitely felt great. It was very smooth. I can tell if I like a conditioner by the feel of my hair as the water is rinsing the conditioner off. It should feel different from when I rinse out my shampoo. You feel what I’m saying?

The Sheen Spray and the Polishing serum I used at another time. I used those after I did a twist out. I used them both as a  rbefresher and to add some shine. I take a little serum and scrunch it into my hair to not disrupt the curls so my hair doesn’t frizz. At the end, I spray on a little Sheen Spray and I’m good to go. That provided a nice refresher for my twist out.

I have teamed up with Bigen and they are offering one of my readers the full Bigen set! You won’t be disappointed! Fill out the widget below to enter. You have to “Like” Bigen on Facebook and for an additional entry, and for one more entry you can like my FB page (if you haven’t done so already).