Jewelry: My new Alex & Ani Bracelets

Jewelry: My new Alex & Ani Bracelets

I was recently introduced to jewelry designer Alex & Ani when I got a cool bangle in my GlossyBox. After looking at their site, I was so intrigued and honestly don’t know how I hadn’t known about them before. I have been trying to step my accessories game up and I typically never wear bracelets. I thought Alex & Ani would be a great way to go to get items for casual days/nights out.

I had an Amazon giftcard for my birthday so I decided to get ….5 lol! When I see pics of women having multiple bangles on, to me it looks even more amazing with a stack. So to give you the scoop, all of the items are “infused with positive energy” designed to empower the person wearing them. The symbols on the items all have a significant meaning too!

photo 4

Here is what I picked up:

Hamsa Wrap (found here)

“Originating from the Hebrew word hamesh, literally meaning “five,” the hamsa is an ancient talisman that symbolizes feminine power. Regarded as a sacred symbol by many cultures, this symbol is worn as a defense against negative energy, destructive forces, and unseen dangers as it reflects the gaze of the evil eye away from the wearer. The hamsa is believed to channel the forces of good, bringing happiness to all who wear it.”

Snake Coil Wrap (found here)

“The snake is a symbol of regeneration, rebirth, and healing powers. Wear the Snake Coil Wrap to embrace change and the rejuvenation of life.”

Gemini Charm Bangle (found here)

“Represented by twins, Gemini possesses an innate duality that is both mysterious and subtly brilliant. Endlessly curious, this air sign is an excellent communicator who always strives to develop a higher state of mind. Full of thoughts and ideas, Gemini loves change and leads a fast-paced, interesting life.”

Eye of Horus Charm Bangle (found here)

“The left eye of the Egyptian God Horus is associated with lunar energy that symbolizes intuition, good health, and protection in connection with the moon. With the intention of safeguarding the king in the afterlife, the eye of Horus is meant to ward off evil. Wear the Eye of Horus Charm for healing properties, reasoning abilities, and powers of protection.”

I basically selected these items because firstly I was familiar with all of these symbols, but their meaning is very powerful.

photo 1

I will be rocking these alot! I hope this gives me great positive energy!

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