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Nene’s Secret Review: My Mom’s Hair Masque & Strengthening Serum Treatments

Nene’s Secret Review: My Mom’s Hair Masque & Strengthening Serum Treatments

When I wear extensions, I have to be suuupppeeeerr careful about my leave in. Especially because I am wearing wavy extensions and I have to keep my hair straightened, I have to protect and prevent my hair from damage.

This leads me to one of my new favorite hair masques, Nene’s Secret’s My Mom’s Hair Masque (all of their names for their products are super cute!).  I am all about deep conditioners and hair masques, ESPECIALLY when I am on a straightening spree. The key for me is to achieve beautiful, frizz free, straight hair BUT I want my hair to curl back up and be free from heat damage.  I have been using this masque off and on for the past couple of months on my natural hair and definitely wanted to use it on my leave out (the hair that is left out when you have extensions in) while I have my extensions in to thoroughly condition my leave out hair that is probably going through it right now with the weekly straightening and curling.

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After I washed and conditioned my hair, I put on the masque and I can immediately feel how moisturizing it is and can feel it “working” on my scalp. I use my paddle brush to gently glide the conditioner through and I let it activate with the steam in the shower! When I got out, my hair was already shiny!!!

This leads me to blowing out and straightening. I have been using the S.S.T.  Strengthening Serum Treatment for at least the past four months—whether its before I put on my products to do a twist out, after the twist out has been taken out, or when my hair is straight, this is my go-to! In fact, I am almost out! lol.

So before I straightened my hair this weekend for my dad’s birthday party, I used a small (in between pea sized and dime sized) amount of product and coated all of my leave out prior to blowing out and straightening. Sidenote- I love the consistency of the serum. It’s not super runny or greasy, it’s just right.

This acts as a barrier for the heat when I am using it and makes my hair uber shiny and frizz free! — My hair is still shiny 4 days later!!



Check out Nene’s Secret and you can find them at select beauty supply stores and pretty soon, major drugstores.

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