Naughty and Nice Beauty Lounge- at Carol’s Daughter

Last Friday, I –along with some awesome natural friends, headed to Carol’s Daughter in Lenox for a cool event put on by Tress Talks. This event was about holiday hairstyles. We sipped on eggnog and awesome cookies while chatting with the ladies at the event. They even had a DJ to set off the event.

The ladies of Tress Talk had about 4 models and they showed us how they styled their hair using Carol’s Daughter products- including the new Macadamia line. All of the models were natural and some had their hair blown out and then styled.  I definitely saw some cute techniques I will have to try.

Oh yeah! I won a goodie bag when the manager had several trivia questions. I won a comb, a roll on Limited Edition Sugar Dipped Vanilla rollerpen (which smells AWESOME by the way), and some samples of their new Macadamia line.

Check out some of the cute hairstyles: