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Today, shares a fresh look and approach to content organization – offering a more personalized experience for the engaged curly, kinky and wavy hair consumer. is segmenting “niche within a niche” content,” says Crista Bailey, NaturallyCurly CEO.   “Our definition of ‘curly hair’ means multiple hair types with different needs.  What works for someone with wavy hair may not work for someone with kinky hair.” The new site highlights topics that matter most to different hair types.

Revamp efforts include:

·       Hair-type specific content

·       Upgraded geo-targeted Salon & Stylist Finder, allowing visitors to find a nearby curl specialist

·       Upgraded Frizz Forecast including 5 days of forecasting humidity and the elements’ effects on hair’s “Frizz Factor”

One of the most noticeable changes for the existing community is curly logo – Frieda’s — move to her new position as official weathergirl, personally ensuring that the Frizz Forecast delivers on 5 full days of forecasting.

“The new creates an opportunity for advertisers to reach targeted audiences in an environment that is relevant and meaningful to their individual needs,” says Michelle Breyer, co-founder. The site’s audience, mostly females in the 25-45-age range, is a highly sought-after advertising demographic. They are heavy Internet users, household purchasers and decision-makers, tending to spend 3 times more on personal hair needs than straight-hair counterparts.

To celebrate the launch of the new site, 10 advertising partners, including Pantene, Ouidad and John Frieda, have teamed up with in its “31 Days of Giveaways” promotion, starting October 1. Each day will be giving away prizes worth $250 or more. Plus each day you will be able to enter to win a grand prize worth thousands! More information to come!