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Natural vs. Relaxed Stylists

How do you tell a stylist how to do your hair? Is it even proper to question a stylist method or to educate them? Just wondering..
I have had a few incidences where I sit in the chair in PAIN because I didn’t speak up. I have never been the type to speak up to a stylist when I know they are doing something wrong. So I got a sew in the other day and I was sooo irritated and in pain that I really wanted to hit the girl. I had blown my hair out and it wasn’t completely detangled ( i was rushing) so she starts to cornrow my hair and uses a rat tail comb to comb out my hair from the TOP to the BOTTOM. WTH was she thinking??? My head hurt sooo bad and she was so rough with me. Is it not common sense to comb from the bottom to top if the hair is tangled? I mean I could see if it was a caucasian person and they comb from top to bottom…but I would think it is common sense…maybe not. So this poses another question: If you are natural, should you only go to a stylist that has natural hair since they know how to deal with your texture? I don’t necessarily believe this, but for some reason I have hair hair issues with relaxed women doing my hair, plus I have heard that most hair schools really don’t go into natural hair besides how to cornrow, etc…

Sorry so many questions. I am just tired of the pain to get my hair done/detangled/thrown around.