Natural Showcase: Singer Elle Varner

I was on and spotted a singer by the name of Elle Varner.

She has a new video called “Only Want To Give It To You” featuring J. Cole. I like her voice. It’s very Jazzy! After researching her, I see she has an extensive music background. Apparently her debut album is coming out soon.

Check out the pics from the shoot:


OMG I absolutely LOVE her dress.  I love african prints soooo much. In fact, I just bought a ankara print jumpsuit this weekend! I was so excited because I was on my way to going to a fabric store, buying the fabric, and then paying someone to make it…I saved money!! But I still do want a dress made for me…anyway, enough about my quest for african print clothes…

Here are some other pics of her hair (not from the video shoot)


Check out her video: