Natural Hair shows around North America

Okay…so it kinda sucked that I only featured hair shows that are in ATL, but it just seems like ATL is the self proclaimed Natural Hair Mecca. So here are some other ones that may be closer to you: New Orleans, Baltimore, and Toronto

Toronto Naturals– In September. Date not selected yet

Alot of Hair Shows have not updated their sites so its still information from last year’s shows 🙁  (Cleveland, North Carolina, and more) I will be sure to post when I find out about them


curly comments!

  • my sorority sisters were talking about the Bmore hair expo. i hope it’s a good one.

  • Funny thing is, I’ve never seen a natural hair show in Los Angeles which is the weave capitol of the world.

  • youree

    email me personally when you get the date for the north Carolina hair show! ^_^

  • alldaynatural

    The North Carolina show will be June 11 and 12 this year.

    I am co-sponsoring the Tennessee Natural Hair Care Expo on July 16th.

    @Lexi and @TiffanyF: Thanks for spreading the word about these natural hair events! 😉

  • Ms. Texas

    There is a nice big natural hair show in Houston called Nzuri Natural Hair Show. We went last November right after thanksgiving and the house was packed! I know they are planning for December 2K11 but on their facebook page they say details coming soon. Their fb page is I really enjoyed their natural hair showcase! And their assortment of vendors was amazing!

  • Fee

    Which town in NC will the natural hair show be held?

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    I believe its in Charlotte….or Raleigh. I can’t remember. I will find out

  • Precious

    Thanks Lexi for the NC hair show info. I look forward to attending.

  • JJ

    It would be great to have an Expo in L.A.. I have been natural for over 6 years and would love the opportunity to see the various products and styles in one place. Over the last few years, I have noticed an increase in women who are wearing their hair natural. i can remember being stared at and even laughed at by some black women when I started my journey but now I get so many compliments and I share with them how I care and style my hair. If the show comes to L.A. it may make a difference in the women who still wear tracks, perms as I am sure they will be curious and want to attend. I do a lot of research on-line but it would be great to see it up close.

  • Mikki

    I live in LA too, i can only wish and hope one day a natural hair expo, show, anything would be or come to LA, i would love it and appreciate it as I cannot afford to fly all over the country to see shows lol oh well maybe one day *sigh* i can dream

  • Dana

    I heard that there is some type of natural hair expo or show in NC this weekend. Anyone have the details?

  • I would love to submit our flyer for the Gulf Coast Natural Hair Show, New Orleans, LA February 19, 2012 to your blog. Please let me know how. Check out our website at

    Naturally yours,

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Please email me with the flyer and I can post