Natural Hair Rant

I’m always tired of seeing on Twitter, YouTube, Forums… “If you have natural hair then don’t do this..don’t use this…”.  All natural hair is not the same. The same products that create dryness on one natural’s hair , creates moisture and frizz free on another natural. Thats like saying, “If you’re black then don’t use this…” . It’s a blanket statement and doesn’t really help people just learning about their natural hair. If you say “Don’t put water on your hair” , alot of impressionable people won’t research and just won’t put water on their hair because thats what they read. I think we should all research for ourselves before just jumping on bandwagons.

Also, it also bothers me when ladies bash alot of these natural hair products. They won’t bash the large products (L’Oreal, Pantene, etc), but choose to bash the smaller products. One thing I will never do is bash a product. If I don’t like something, I’m not going to tell all of Twitter, post a Bashing Video about it, post it on my blog, and yell out my windows like some people do. If I don’t like it, I’m not even going to mention it…and if I do, I will say that I should try using different amounts or that “it didn’t work well on me but it may work well on you”. Once a person bashes a company, then the forums start going abuzz …and then alot of impressionable people read it and run with it and don’t even give alot of these products a chance.  I give every product a chance. It’s almost like alot of these ladies have personal vendettas against alot of these brands. It’s so crazy how people will go on rants and posts on EVERYONE’s blog, then post in all the forums, and then comment on everyones video. Is it really that serious? That’s some serious bashing. It’s a different story to say ” I didnt like there product”..but to go on a Internet rant is a little odd. I’ve seen it happen with all the larger natural hair  lines like Kinky Curly, Miss Jessies, Carol’s Daughter, etc…  Why so much hate towards the natural hair brands? If you don’t like something, why the need to make everyone else see your side or try to mess up someones business? Is it that serious?