Natural Hair Cheaper?

Who keeps spreading this lie??  LOL I don’t get it. The same people that spend $100 every time they go to the beauty supply store? It is NOT cheaper. If you are going natural based on the notions that it is cheaper to be natural, it is not…. Here are my reasons why…

I don’t know where this came from. Yes you may save money from the every 6 week relaxer service at a salon but that doesn’t compare to the Product Junkism that ALL newly natural women go through.

1. When you first go natural, you are curious. All of the products you read about on the blogs and forums, and seen walking down the hair aisles of the BSS, Targets, and Walmarts…you now want  ALL of them sitting on your bathroom countertop. You are ready to dig in and try it all.

2. “Wait! On the forums they are RAVING about a new product.” (It’s overwhelming reading online about all these AWESOME natural hair products) I feel like a new Natural Hair company comes out everyday.  Now you have to go try that because X said it made her hair feel soooo good.

3. If you recall when we were relaxed, there wasn’t really people running to go buy the next Motions or this or that…it was more about “Wow, there is a new hair growth product”…but not really a race to go get the newest product. It wasn’t that deep. Now, it is serious.

4. Not to mention the need to now purchase products for when you wear your hair curly, but also for when you wear your hair straight . Now we have a double dose of products (For those of us that prefer the versatility of natural hair).

5. Now we have the All Natural products. Alot of time going natural also brings on wanting to “Go Green” when it comes to products too. The more Organic ingredients add $$ to your products. When you were relaxed, most didn’t care much about products having this and that in it….but being natural brings on a whole new gang of knowledge.

6. If you DO decide to go to a salon, you are definitely charged more automatically for being natural. When you get your hair straightened its 55+ versus the wash and style when you were relaxed for $35. And forget natural hair styles!!! Twists with your OWN hair- 150+…Cornrows with your OWN hair- $80+ . I don’t even touch the salons unless I am going for color or straightening.

I think it is absolutely AMAZING that some of you say being natural is cheaper, but to me and most natural ladies I know, it is the COMPLETE opposite.

What do you think? Cheaper or more expensive?