Natural Hair @ Bronner Bros 2011

While most of the focus of Bronner Bros was extravagant and festive weaves, there were quite a few ladies with natural hair. Well…more than “quite a few”. Check out the ladies who I was able to get shots of:

This curly girl was working with Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine and had the cutest hair. She added a cute accessory to the side.



This style below was seen at the Design Essentials natural hair seminar. This mohawk is very cute! I learned alot of information about their new products this weekend. I will share in a video post.

Also seen at the DE event, this is a twist-bantu knot out…in other words, 2 strand twists that were put into bantu knots and then they were taken out. I used to do this method alot! I need to start doing this again because I loved her hair!


This is one of my readers who I ran into. I loved her and her friend’s hair. They were so cute!

I was so busy snapping shots of all the crazy hair styles that I forgot to take more pics of the natural girls! Next time, I won’t forget!