Mya’s new hair color


My homie Fred of posted this picture today. I LOVE Mya’s new hair color: The blonde and then it looks like either the ends are a reddish brown tone or the bottom layers of her hair is reddish brown. I can’t really tell. It’s so bold and very Kelis-ey (is that a word? lol). That type of blonde though always makes hair look dry and its so hard to keep moisturized. I could never go that light. My hair would look a HOT mess and super dry.


This reminds me, I HAVE to get my color touched up. This is the first time I dyed my whole head instead of highlights. Highlights don’t look as bad when it grows out….but the whole head…I think it looks bad. I have about 3 inches of dark, dark, dark brown roots. I will soon though.