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My Winter Hair Regimen

Most of us natural ladies do things a little different in the Winter. It is just starting to get cold here in Atlanta (well, once a week and the other days are in the 70’s lol) so it’s time to change up my regimen.

In the summer, I do mostly Wash & Go’s because it is really simple and that Georgia heat with the windows down pretty much dries my hair by the time I get to work. In the winter, I dare not try Wash & Go’s. Firstly, my head will be freezing if I go outside with wet hair. Secondly, it would take all day to dry my hair.

So what do I do differently in the winter? I do mostly Twist outs. I try to do them on Sundays so I can get a good 3 days of my hair looking cute and then another 2 days of a huge pony tail.  I do retwist at night, but larger than I originally do them when my hair is well.

Also in the winter is where I tend to get my hair straightened more often. My hair lasts much longer because it is not humid and I’m not sweating so I can get a good week and a half (or more) out of it.

What do you do differently in the Winter?