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My Weekend in #VisitPhilly

My Weekend in #VisitPhilly

This weekend I headed to Philadelphia for the very first time. I have had a layover there before and stopped there via train, but never actually made it in the city.

I was in town to attend the Nomadness Tribe’s annual BBQ. This yearly BBQ used to be in the Atlanta area, but this year Philly won the vote. I actually voted for Chicago, but this gave me a chance to explore a new city.

What was I most excited about? The Food!


Cheesesteaks are a Philly staple and as soon as I landed, I asked locals for their best recommendations. After riding in about 10 Uber’s, the consensus was Jim’s and Max’s were the best places for cheesesteaks with Geno’s being a close third. I knew I wanted to try all of the top spots so I could be the judge myself.

I headed to Jim’s and everyone was RIGHT! Philly, you didn’t steer me wrong. This was definitely the best cheesesteak I have ever had. I got it with Cheese Wiz (which apparently is the Philly way) and also with provolone which was the recommendation of one of the members of the staff. It was absolutely cheese overload so next time I will get cheese wiz only, but nevertheless, it was amazing and I am still dreaming about returning.

Tip: The line will be long so just be patient. It’s worth it!


Water Ice is another Philly staple. I’ve had Rita’s several times as I get them from the grocery store and the local shops, but real ones are 100 times better. We checked out John’s Water Ice and I got lemon and cherry. On a hot Pennsylvania day, it was a perfect treat to cool us down from the miles of walking we were doing. The flavors were vibrant and didn’t taste like artificial syrup like some of the other ones.

Tip: Always ask what the most popular mix is if you want to try a local favorite. Chances are you will love it.


You have to find an awesome brunch spot on vacation, or just every Saturday or Sunday lol.  We were told about Redding Terminal as soon as we arrived to the city and it happened to be across the street from our hotel. It was a huge market with several food vendors which reminds me of Chelsea Market in New York. You could buy fresh meat and veggies there, but also cooked food. We had brunch at The Oyster Bar which had a cool counter and some tables near an entrance. We got a Banana Pudding Waffle and Shrimp & Grits Eggs Benedict. Both were AMAZING. Who would’ve thought the best Banana Pudding waffles may be from Philly?


One thing I didn’t know about Philadelphia was how much African-American history they had. Growing up in VA, you generally learn about VA history and maybe some things in NY and D.C. and the south as a whole. I never really knew too much about Philadelphia history and I was pleased to learn some new historical facts.

They are also known for amazing murals : from Malcolm X to Harriet Hubman to Kevin Hart— they have it all! We went on a mural tour to check out some murals but realized it was more time consuming because everything is super spread out there– and you can’t really be in every neighborhood. Here are two that were absolutely amazing:

The Rocky Steps are one of the most famous places in Philly where people take pictures. We headed to the Philadelphia Museum Of Art to snap some shots in the sweltering heat.

The architecture in Philadelphia was really pretty. I took a late night snap in front of City Hall.

Thanks so much Philadelphia. I had a great time.

P.S. I will be back for more cheesesteaks. I want to try all the popular spots to make my own assessment. So far Jim’s over Geno’s.