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My Weave- Updates- Pics

Soooo…I haven’t had much time to keep up with my weave. I guess it was kind of a good thing/kind of a bad thing. I never got a break over the past 2 weeks to do my hair. I was working on a movie called “Charles and Katt” and had a great time but those of you who know about film, know you are working 16 hour days+. I was totally exhausted and practically wore a hat EVERYDAY. I managed to keep it in a decent ponytail throughout. Check out some pics:



Oh yeah, and I forgot about Miami . So I ended up straightening my hair and doing a twist set which I just uploaded the vid. I get to my sisters house and she has a WHOLE CLOSET full of hair products. For some reason, I reach for the mousse…I dont know why…I think I wanted the waves to stay…all it did was  made my hair back kinky/coily…Ughhh What a hair disaster. So I managed to use some gel-which I dont like to do- to kind of shingle my hair and then I twisted it in with my hair. That is my sister and neices…we all have natural hair!!!!



Oh yeah..And Clark Atlanta University’s Homecoming 2009