My Visit To St. Lucia (During Covid)

My Visit To St. Lucia (During Covid)

You know I love staying on a plane…safely. It’s actually the only place people have to keep their masks on so sometimes I feel safer :/ I wanted to head to St. Lucia for my birthday this year and I was blessed to be gifted a trip there and some of my friends were able to come last minute. I literally book trips a week or two out!

I don’t like to book far in advance in general… but especially with Covid, travel regulations are changing EVERYDAY. It was a sign for me to go to St. Lucia. It kept popping up on my feed and my favorite couple Rondel (@KingRonTheDon & @SoulSociety) and Yanique (@LeChicBoheme_) solidified my need to visit the island.

I went at the perfect time. Previously, you couldn’t move about the island freely as a tourist. I went the week they decided to let vaccinated visitors be free! It was perfect. This meant I could roam about the island, go to various restaurants, and not be confined to my hotel or only certain tours.

Before you go to any country, check their guidelines. They required a negative Covid test taken within 3 days of travel. On arrival to the airport- you had to present your negative PCR test prior to going through security (this took hours at Atlanta’s airport- but understandable). After getting on flight, I had to show proof again when I arrived in St. Lucia and I presented my vaccination card. They give you a white wristband that you must wear the entire trip to show that you are vaccinated.

Fond Doux Eco Resort

I decided to stay at Fond Doux Eco Resort which was in the middle of the lush rainforest. It is Black owned and I saw them while browsing locations and hashtags on Instagram (Travel Hack: This is how I find most of my hotels or restaurants when I travel). I reeaallllyyy wanted a private pool outside of my room and this spot provided that the price was super reasonable.

The resort was beautiful and it’s actually on a cocoa farm. They make chocolate there and any fruit you could possibly want, is around. Literally you could ask the staff for a coconut, apple, mango, etc… and within minutes, they are cutting it down from a tree. It felt so amazing being in nature like that. The sounds of bugs at night, the lizards running around, I loved it.

Don’t miss out on doing the floating breakfast

Dinner With A View at Ladera

Ladera was a spot I wanted to stay at but their prices were out of my budget for the three nights. This resort was beautiful!! It overlooks the water with views of the Pitons. I had my birthday dinner here. Definitely get there before the sun sets.

I’m On A Boat

Make sure you do a boat tour with Mystic Man Tours. We did a private tour and got to go snorkeling and stay in certain spots, if we wished. You have beautiful views of the massive Pitons.

Getting Around & Covid

Of course, check for updates- but when I was there in June, you could only hire approved taxis. Everyone we had driving was vaccinated. You did have to wear your mask everywhere but that is pretty standard in every country except America :/

Getting Tested To Come Back this. I actually had told myself I wouldn’t be traveling internationally after my Aruba trip because they were just about to start enforcing the rule that you must test negative within 72 hours to get back in the country. What does this mean? If you don’t get your results in time, you can’t get on the flight. If you test negative, you obviously can’t get on the flight AND you have to quarantine in that country for 14 days- generally at your own expense or if the country makes you purchase insurance , then you can use that insurance up to a certain price point. I don’t want to get stuck anywhere!! This makes/made me nervous.

We got tested on a Friday. We had no choice but to get our test on Friday because the clinic that was recommended wasn’t open on the weekends :/ Our first full day there, we spent hours in a clinic waiting to get tested amongst other travelers and locals who were sick (Eeekk). I would suggest if you can in certain places to hire a private doctor to come to you to do the test. This prevents you from having to be in a space where people are ill and might have COVID. I mean, I don’t like being in hospitals period.

Would I Go Back?

Yes, but on a baecation. While I was with my girls, my initial thought of St Lucia being a baecation spot still remains. The views, the outdoor showers, the outdoor private pools— it screams baecation. I still had a great time with my girls though!! I will be back- whether with my (non-existent) man or my girls!