My twist out for a photoshoot

I was attempted to have a photoshoot this weekend. Time was not on my side and we couldn’t find great spots to take pics until later in the day. Here are some pics that I took.

What I did to my hair:

Washed it with Wen with some essential oils using my bottle with the tip applicator. I massaged it into my scalp. I used Pantene Curls Conditioner to detangle my hair—My hair needed some serious detangling from all those Wash and Go’s ( I thought I told myself no more wash & go’s..but they are just soooo easy in the summertime).

I then used the Dr. Miracles Tingling Intensive Deep Conditioning Treatment (alot of you ladies that attended Curly Girls Rock got them in your bags 🙂  ) I love the consistency of this deep conditioner. It came in a packette. As soon as I put it on my scalp, it had the most amazing tingling sensation. I love anything minty on my scalp. It opens up  and just feels so great. I put it all over my hair and then left it on for about an hour and then washed it out. I had great results.

I then did flat twists using Elasta QP’s Mango Butter Moisturizer. This smells amazing by the way ( I guess “Amazing” is my favorite adjective to use to describe things I love) I took them out the next morning to get a nice twist out. I then stretched it with a blow dryer and tried to make my hair as big as possible.

Here was my hair





And me and my babe!