My twist on Two Strand Twists

After doing a wash and go, turned into a twist out – Meaning I originally had a Wash & Go and then twisted my hair everynight and took it out in the morning- I was so ready for something new and something that would last me a week or so and still look good. Best bet…two strand twist. I do flat twists on the sides…and small twists throughout. In the front horseshoe, I planned to do something a little different but by the time I got to it, it ended up being even larger twists than the twists in the back. :Sigh: My fingers get tired from twisting. This actually saved me about 30 minutes because I did flat twist on the sides…made my day much easier but I STILL was tired and didn’t do the top like I would have liked it. Here are pics.

Okay so the top is busted.. Please don’t laugh lol …I need to redo the top half asap!! I got so tired so I did them all big and they look so bad

So thats all! I will re-do the top half tonight.


curly comments!

  • Your hair looks great!! Even the part you need to re-do!!

  • Crystal aka Vickyvue on Youtube

    I personally love a good twist out, meaning one that comes out looking really good without the ‘frizz-in-the-middle-fuzzies’ I’ve learned a method that is sure fire for me various textured tresses. Add some Ecostyler EVOO gel when twisting, then in the morning spray the hair with water (prior to untwisting) then slowly and carefully untwist and shake out your curls for a seriously curly look. Love it! This is my signature style most times.

  • Kimberly

    The two strand pics look great. How long did this style last? Did you take pics of what it looked like when you took them loose? I bet it was beautiful!

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    I didnt take pics when I took them loose Kimberly. I should have but I actually washed it immediately after because I was ready for a new style