My twist on Two Strand Twists

After doing a wash and go, turned into a twist out – Meaning I originally had a Wash & Go and then twisted my hair everynight and took it out in the morning- I was so ready for something new and something that would last me a week or so and still look good. Best bet…two strand twist. I do flat twists on the sides…and small twists throughout. In the front horseshoe, I planned to do something a little different but by the time I got to it, it ended up being even larger twists than the twists in the back. :Sigh: My fingers get tired from twisting. This actually saved me about 30 minutes because I did flat twist on the sides…made my day much easier but I STILL was tired and didn’t do the top like I would have liked it. Here are pics.

Okay so the top is busted.. Please don’t laugh lol …I need to redo the top half asap!! I got so tired so I did them all big and they look so bad

So thats all! I will re-do the top half tonight.