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My Trip To Jamaica In Pictures

My Trip To Jamaica In Pictures

I didn’t post last week because I spent 6 days in beautiful Jamaica, I was in Negril in December, and this time I stayed in Montego Bay and went to attend Reggae Sumfest which included major reggae & dancehall acts like Damian Marley, Lady Saw, Tarrus Riley and even some international acts like Miguel and Flo-Rida. I went with my friend Saundra who was so much fun to hang with!

Jamaica was so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. Of course the weather was amazing. It only rained one time I was there and it was very brief. I stayed at the Hilton Rose Hall All-Inclusive. The resort was beautiful and it wasn’t a long drive from the Montego Bay airport. Since it seems to be a pretty big family resort, I expected to be annoyed by children running all over the place, but it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I think I acted like a kid running around and going through the water slide multiple times lol.

The food and drinks were great at the resort and it was a great variety so we never got bored. I couldn’t get enough of those Bob Marley frozen alcoholic drinks!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 2.30.51 PM

Best of all, I got to show off my new body lol. I am very happy with how far I have come in such a short time. I am truly proud of myself. As I have gained over 60 lbs in the past 6 years, each year I always said I wanted to lose weight. I just never got up and did it. So this year with me staying consistent the past 7 months, I am totally surprised at myself…Enough of me tooting my own horn lol

photo 5 photo 2

I had so much fun doing all sorts of water sports.

photo 3 photo 3

The concerts were for sure the highlight! I went all 3 nights! It was EXHAUSTING!! The shows started at 8pm and they weren’t over until 6 or 7 am. We would leave the show (before it was over) around 6am and the sun was already up! I heard some GREAT music!

photo 3
Damian Marley
photo 1


Damian & Flo-Rida backstage
Damian & Flo-Rida backstage

Just candid shots of my friend Saundra and I;

We took pics at the Red Stripe photo booth:

photo 5

More Red Stripe lol

photo 2


The last night

photo 2

I had a blast. I want to go back toward the end of the year. I liked Negril better so would love to go back there or maybe try Ocho Rios. Or maybe I will pick another island. Idk

 Any suggestions?