My Too Groovy visit

So most people know I LOVE Too Groovy Salon in Atlanta. If you live in Atlanta and are natural, I am sure you have heard of Too Groovy. They specialize in straghtening natural hair AND it reverts when you wash it. I had the opportunity to be a hair model- and while I can’t go into detail- EVERY stylist in that salons knows what they are doing. The stylists at this salon all are trained by Robin Groover who has changed the natural hair game in Savannah, Atlanta, and all over.

I was paired up with Terry P. who was so awesome and blew me away by her confidence and knowledge of hair. She did a thorough consultation and asked me several questions about my hair and told me about my hair’s condition. Terry asked me about my challenges and I explained that detangling is my biggest challenge. She always asked if I was tender-headed. Of course I am with all this hair lol. This info came in handy later on…

As she washed and conditioned my hair, she explained what shampoo and conditioner she was using and why. She tackled my tangles in the shampoo bowl by coating every strand with conditioner and separating the tangles. She decided I should sit under the steamer since I have color and my hair is going to be dryer than someone who doesn’t have color. After I was out the steamer, she sectioned my hair and began to detangle very gently (Thank God! I have been several places where I am practically crying, literally)

She began to blow out my hair with a brush and a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment.  She noticed my ends weren’t so healthy and showed me thee condition. She asked me if it was okay to trim about 2 inches. I was comfortable with 1 inch being cut, but not two ( I know, That is so bad of me. Maybe next time) . She began to cut an inch off the bottom layer and layer my hair. She then began to silk out my hair (straightening the hair with a ceramic iron) in small sections and lastly curled my hair.

If you are in Atlanta and want to get your hair straightened AND it reverts back, check out Too Groovy. Terry is awesome!.

My homie Sherita also was a hair model

In case you missed my videos of the owner of Too Groovy Robin Groover, check out all the knowledge she can offer to natural ladies in Part I and Part II below: