My take on the Youtube “Drama”

**If you are a YT natural hair video watcher, you will know the incident I am referring to**

Now I didn’t feel like making a video because I don’t want to get involved on  a Youtube level so I decided to take it to my blog. I have spoken in some forums about this as well. I tend to kind of go agaisnt the grain as far as the natural hair “community” goes (that is a whole other topic)… So what do I think?

Well, I think this started off bad from the first video asking for Video Responses. No offense to African Export but it was a topic that had drama written all over it (The Integrity of Popular Youtubers). People were to weigh in on what they thought about it.  She can make any video she wants because its her channel, but when I saw that video I saw bad things coming….

So a couple of people made video responses weighing in. Taren916 make a response as well. It was very well put on the things she noticed and had issues about. Now she didn’t call out any names or anything.   Now on both AE and Taren’s video, people made comments and called out a particular YTer Kimmaytube as well as another one who gets alot of negative feedback in the forums. So she responded to those people and then “attacked” Taren (attacked is a harsh word, I just can’t think of a nicer word…sorry) insinuating that she was creating “drama” to get more money (via Youtube partner). She also basically says that she made Taren and AE popular in so many words. The tone was so wrong and I actually got frustrated and talked to Taren about it. I just didn’t feel like Taren should be attacked when she did nothing wrong. Now if no viewers made comments about KT on the video, then this drama maybe wouldn’t have happened. So it was alot of back and forth. She then even asked Taren to take down the video. Seriously? I don’t want to get into all that…I just wanted to give a brief synopsis.

So my take, I see alot of comments where people are upset at the fact that they aren’t “getting along”. Its Youtube people! It’s not like they are related and had a disagreement. People talk about the “natural hair community”…What community? I think we have gotten beyond that point of feeling like we need to separate ourselves. None of us really know each other even though we may speak in the comment sections of the videos. It’s not a sorority or a sisterhood, yes we have gone through similar things but that doesn’t make us all have to be united and hold hands while singing kum-bay-ya. People crying about it (literally) is mind boggling to me. Just because you watch a Youtuber, doesn’t mean you know them. I just took it as 2 grown women disagreeing (well, it wasn’t really a disagreement but you know what I mean…)

For the business side of it, I think KT really should watch what she says because she has a business. (btw, she deleted ALL of her comments- but you know people got screenshots! lol Anything you put out there in InternetLand will come back)  You don’t see Miss Jessies owners, Shelley from Kinky-Curly or any other company that is always the topic of conversation go out to the forums and Youtube and attack every person who makes a negative comment about them. When people see things like that, it turns people away. I personally HATE to see people bash natural hair businesses on Youtube. Yall know how I feel about that but it comes with the territory. If you have a business, everyone isn’t going to like you or want to support you. Its okay though. For everyone that doesn’t support, there is one person that is willing to support.

As far as the Integrity of Youtubers (The original drama topic lol) : How do I feel about it? Who cares? If I feel like the integrity of a youtuber is compromised, I either don’t subscribe, or I just don’t feed into it. Yes we all get products to review, etc, but we don’t HAVE to do a review nor does it have to be a positive review. Being a Youtube Partner means you get paid for people watching your videos (it’s not as much as you think…think pennies…but those pennies add up). You may notice on some of my videos or other Partners, that you have to watch a commercial first, that is apart of being a partner..  Also, most natural hair Youtubers aren’t actually PAID per video (outside of Youtube Partnership) unless they have a sponsorship . I don’t have a problem with people making their money, but I definitely know whats going on. The “subscribe , subscribe, subscribe, rate , rate, rate”, there is a reason for that. I remember I stopped following a YTer because of the Sponsored videos- firstly, it was annoying to me..2ndly, I peeped game. Putting out 3 videos a day on nothing. It’s because they get paid per video- of course the typical YT viewer doesn’t know that though. I’m all for people getting their money..but if something annoys me, I just choose not to watch. This is just my personal opinion. The product pushing…I don’t mind watching the videos- but that doesn’t mean I’m going to run and buy the product they recommend…why? Because everyone’s hair is not alike. Alot of viewers are impressionable and some naive. They may see one Youtuber use a product and it made her hair really pretty, etc…and then they go out and buy it because it worked on so-and-so not realizing that their hair is completely different,etc…Even if someone’s hair appears to be like yours, doesn’t mean the products they use will work on your hair.  I talk about several products but I usually make sure I let people know “I liked it, but you may not like it”…just being honest.  You should take each video you see of anyone with a grain of salt…If you decide to purchase cool, if you don’t cool. It’s not money in their pockets whether you purchase or not.

Okay I have to go to work, so thats all I have to say for now…Any thoughts?