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My Stylist Shawnda Dee Talks Protective Styles: Extensions

My Stylist Shawnda Dee Talks Protective Styles: Extensions

I love going to Shawnda Dee because it’s very rare to find someone who does extensions that actually cares about your hair underneath. She wants your hair and scalp to be healthy and help people grow their hair out. AND she taught me how to take care of my hair at home so I don’t have to rely on a stylist for regular daily maintenance.

In college and after, she used to do a couple of my friend’s sew ins and always did an excellent job. In the meantime, when they would take their extensions out, their hair would be so long and healthy. I used to get extensions from time to time to give my hair a break as well. Check out my Q&A with her below

Here is an example of one of her clients and other spotlights:

And check out these full extensions! Ladies! You don’t have to do bone straight or wavy extensions anymore. Tons of companies offer thicker and kinkier textures that mimic our hair.

Who is Shawnda Dee? My full name is Rashawnda Daniels but my Dad gave me that name when I was 6 and I just rock with it. My clients just call me Shawnda lol.

Where are you located? My salon is located in midtown Atlanta and I travel to clients too.

How long have you been doing hair? I started when I was 13, but professionally since 2005. I started doing protective style extensions in 2008 and loved how it made the clients feel.

What is protective style extensions? It is a sew in service but customized just for the client. The difference between me and a stylist that just does a “weave” job, is I sit down with the client, talk about lifestyle, hair products, and hair options. I provide my professional advice on products, hair, treatment, ect. I take pictures to document the hair growth success and I support my clients 100%.

How do u choose the hair? I have worked exclusively with the worlds top brands, and over 40 other brands. I have personal relationships with hair companies so I get an up close look at the new products and I try it out and get feedback from my clients.

How many of your clients experience hair success? Honestly 100%. All my clients have before pics and withing 2-3 years we see significant growth.

How do make their hair grow? Magic, lol. I just recommend healthy lifestyle choices and products. There is no magic pill, the only thing a client has to understand is that Healthy Hair is a choice. Once she makes the choice, I work on all the details.

Do you do relaxers? No, I do not do relaxer service. If a client wants to relax her hair I will only do the hairline or maybe the leave out. I avoid relaxer because you do not need one if you wear protective styles, because the hair is braided up and will grow healthier.

Is this a good service for Natural Girls? Extensions are great for anyone, there are so many benefits.

What is the biggest benefit? The biggest is to give your hair a break and allow the extensions to be styled like you want them, without heat damage or color damage.

You can color the extensions? Ohh Yes… You can bleach, color, highlight the hair extensions any color you want. So you can try hair color without damaging your hair.

Do I have to get a full sew in? No, I can add pieces or fullness. I can provide clip in hair pieces or hair pieces. I can provide anything you need there is no limit when it comes to hair extensions.

Do you offer specials and discounts? Yes, I love to offer promotions, I offer complimentary services each month. The contest are in my newsletters.

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