My review on Ohm Body Sweet Hair Pudding

I got AMAZING results with Ohm’s Sweet Hair Pudding. Why did I like it? Well firstly, the smell…….the smell is so heavenly OMG…It smells very tropical–kinda smells pineapple-ly (lol I know this isn’t a word) mixed with other tropical fruits to me lol. So this product had me at the smell.

On to the feel. I love the consistency of the product. Its not hard or too soft. It is a good in between consistency. I also didn’t have to use alot for my entire head. I had the sample sizes and barely used a half of one sample sized jar.

The shine- My hair has so much sheen! It’s not greasy or anything.

I twisted my hair last night after I washed my hair. I also put flexirods on the end. My hair didn’t completely dry everywhere before I took the twist out though and my hair still turned out great. Here are the results.

My hair feels soooo soft. I don’t see any residue from the product. It feels really good and the curls held up nicely. I am going to twist it up again tonight and add just a teeny bit of product before I re-do the twist. I loved the results, and I know it would have come out even better if my hair had dried 100% before I took them out.

I definitely recommend this product and this is definitely being added to my go-to list. Has anyone tried Ohm Body product before? How was your experience?

You can check out this product and other’s Ohm Body offers at

UPDATED TO ADD: I did some twists tonight and my hair separated so easily to prepare for twists. Also, my hair wasn’t oily or greasy. Usually alot of products are greasy the next day when you twists your hair—this didn’t leave any weird film on my hair