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My @RentTheRunway Unlimited Review – 2 Months In

My @RentTheRunway Unlimited Review – 2 Months In

My friend has been telling me to try Rent The Runway Unlimited for a year and at the time, I just felt like I didn’t have that many events to go to. Sure , if I lived in New York– it’s a ton of events and makes total sense. In Atlanta , I thought – not so much.

Here’s the deal: Unlimited allows you to rent 4 items at a time with unlimited swaps for the month. This includes clothing, jewelry and handbags.

After a series of events that I had nothing to wear and I’m scrambling to buy outfits or find a stylist– I’m like “why didn’t I just listen”. Rent The Runway almost is like renting clothes, but includes a stylist also. You can ask questions and they always have thorough reviews.

I waited around for Cyber Monday and prayed they would have a great sale– they did. I figured I would give it a couple of months to see how I liked it and if it was worth it to me.

After looking at several reviews I decided to get a coat and keep it for some of the colder season which doesn’t last long in Atlanta. Best decision ever! I found this bomb Maryling coat and have been wearing it a lot ! So far this is my best pick! It retails for over $1,000.

This DELFI Collective skirt got all of the love when I went to the Sneaker Ball last month! I wore this once — of course. It’s too unique to wear more than once lol.

This review really isn’t about what I selected though. Let’s get down to the deal. It’s about $160 a month and it comes out automatically at the same time every month.

You get 4 items at a time. You can send items back when you want to swap out for other items and you don’t have to send them all back at once. If you’re done with one, just send that one back.

So far I have received around eight items. Three of the items I did not wear. The others I only wore once. I feel like I need to do a better job of selecting items. I need to be realistic with my choices to make sure it’s something that I will actually wear. Better yet, I need to make sure that I have events coming up.

Coats are obviously items you will get good use out of it. Dresses— not so much unless it’s a black dress that you can make it look like something different each time. Most dresses if they are unique , you can only wear once. That’s okay though. You just ship back when you’re done.

Let’s get to the shipping breakdown. I’m in Atlanta and there is no showroom here :(. I have to ship items back which takes around 2 days , then they process my return, and then I can select my next orders. My items will get to me in another two days. So let’s say that’s 7 days minimum you won’t have items so I would suggest you don’t send back 4 items at a time. You’ll have at minimum of a week without any items. You have to be super strategic.

If you have done RTR in the past like myself, you normally get back up sizes with your choices. With Unlimited, you do not get back ups so really pay attention to the reviews. I look out for people talking about the stretch, the length, whether it works for women with big chests, etc…

So far, I’m happy with RTR Unlimited. I will see how long I will try it. I’m trying to host more events so I see this being great for gigs I have or red carpets. If I don’t have a lot going on one month, then it might not be worth it. I’m just playing it by ear. So far, so good.

They have some other options on a monthly basis as well which doesn’t include unlimited (4 max at a time) or you can do just regular renting or items and no monthly plan. I’ve been a fan for over 5 years now.

I’ll keep you all posted.

If you sign up, you get $30 off your first rental.