My recent hair color experience

A couple of weeks ago when it was snowing in Atlanta, I got bored and decided to dye a portion of my hair in the front. (Just the part you would do a hump with) SMH….Bad decision. I used Clairol’s Textures and Tones and it said with my hair color it would make it a honey blonde. The max you could keep it on was 45 minutes and at the max it still wasn’t the desired shade so I just washed it out. It was a horrible reddish-orangish color—The color you get on its way from dark brown to honey/caramel blonde.  I hate that it is so light at my scalp. I shouldn’t have even dabbled in it. I think at home coloring systems are good, but just research first or have someone else do it. I tried to dye my hair myself once my freshmen year of college. I didn’t realize that if you did it from root  to the bottom, the roots would take the color much faster because of the heat from your head. This time I did up until 1 inch for about 20 minutes and then I did the roots. My roots were still too light. So this Wednesday I am getting it redone and going to do two toned–lighten up the back of my hair just a tad and the front- a honey/caramel blonde. I decided to get the back lightened as well so it won’t be such a contrast with dark, dark, brown and honey blonde. I hope it turns out okay. Will update on Wednesday….

Here was the color at first:


It is actually growing on me because the color has toned down with washes. Here it is today(sorry for my hair all over my head):