Dying my weave/Preparing to have it installed PICS

(Disclaimer: First let me start off by saying I am NOT a professional hairstylist. I am not telling you to do this at home. Go to a professional for optimum results)

I have been trying to dye my weave the past week trying to get it to match my hair prior to my install. I am going to install my Halley’s Curls Candy Curls that I won awhile back. I have 8 ounces and I hope it will be enough seeing that the hair is 22 inches, the wefts are going to be shorter than 12 hair. ( I may need to buy some BSS hair that looks similar but I hate to match quality hair with cheap hair 🙁  )

Clairol Textures & Tones Permanent Moisture-Rich Hair Color, Lightest Blonde 7G

So I first attempted to dye the hair blonde with Clairol Textures and Tones in Lightest Blonde. Now I have dyed my own hair before and understand that it takes ALOT of time for your hair to reach the color that the box says your hair will get. I didn’t start at the root or at the track, I started about 2 inches down. After alot of time passed, I got a nice med-dark brown hair color. It actually looks really good. It wasn’t as light as I wanted, but it was almost as light as I expected.

So back to the drawing board….at least for one bundle of hair. I want the hair to mimic my hair. My hair is light on top and dark in the back…

Below pic is while the dye was processing!


Ending results:


Screen shot 2011-05-21 at 11.28.00 PM

Yesterday (6 days later), I tried Dark & Lovely in Light Golden Blonde on just one bundle. Instead of using the developer that came with the product, I swapped it out for 40 Developer since usually the developer in the boxed hair colors aren’t strong enough to achieve the results promised. I used foil and heat this time as well to help speed up the process time.

This took awhile as well, but here are the results. I think it is going to match/blend well with my hair color. Its so hard because I don’t have boxed hair color in my head so its difficult to match the hair. I can’t wait to get it installed to give my hair some rest for at least a month.



The two colors next to each other


My hair matched up with the weave. Looks like a GREAT match to my hair color.


Pic with the flash..My hair is in a bun so its hard to tell but it matches the blondest of my hair. Should be a great match since I am going to have some leave out on the top and on the sides.