My past week!

I spent the first half of my week in PA for my nephews graduation and spent time with the family. I enjoyed it sooo much. When I go out of town, my hair usually looks horrible because I never check a bag, which means I am limited to products. I put as much as I could in 3 ounce bottles to get  me by for a week. One of my cousins is trying to go natural..or tried lol but she started so that is the first step. Alot of people take several times to get all the way through. She actually had a good plan- she got 2 friends with her to go on the natural. That gives you a good support system. Well…1 person made it and 2 of them didn’t. It’s okay though. I told her transitioning in the winter is much easier so maybe she will do it again.

I also found out another one of my cousins is a LHCF lurker. I love it! She has such beautiful healthy long hair and she has been following LHCF for a year. She needs to share her hair secrets 😉

Here are some pics: