My Ouidad Salon Experience + A GREAT Hair Cut

OMG! So as you know from a previous post, I’m in NYC for a couple of days. Since  I was here and have been wanting a curly hair cut, I decided to go to Ouidad to check out the Carve & Slice method.

I was greeted by a very nice man at the front prior to seeing my stylist Mirsada.

Mirsada took me to the prep room  and began to ask me questions about what I was looking for. I told her I definitely wanted my hair shaped (not necessary length cut off, but wanted the bulk gone) and possible some color.

She decided to do some platinum blonde highlights to break up the orangeyness (I made that word up) of my hair. I let her do her thing.

I was a little nervous at how the color would look mixed with the platinum but I liked it!!! I was definitely pleasantly surprised. BTW Adrienne of Me, My Hair, & The City was taking all my pics and doing the video (which I will post next week) and she fell in the LOVE with the color 🙂 (Thanks Adrienne for coming with me!1)

So after she did the color, her Assistant Carolina detangled my hair with the Ouidad Double Detangler and detangled section by section and put on a deep conditioner. After that, it was time for my cut!

I have been so ready to get a curly cut after seeing amazing Tracee Ellis Ross’ awesome curly cut (not sure where she got her hair cut) and how it just falls nicely and isn’t bulky. I wanted that in my life!

The Carve and Slice method is so detailed and I can’t even tell you what she was doing..but she did an AMAZING job!! Their hair cutting method is only done at their Certified Salons. It basically takes the bulkiness out of your hair and keeps your hair from doing that pyramid thing I hate that mine does from being all one length.

Mirsada did an amazing job and I love the shape of it. Here it is after the cut! (the flash from the camera and the lighting made my hair look yellow and orange but that isn’t what it looked like!! lol)

After they rinsed my hair and conditioned again, it was time for their Rake & Shake method. They used the Ouidad Humidity Gel and took layer by layer and small sections and put gel on and literally raked it through, and then shook it lightly. After that, she put clips in certain areas of my roots to lift it slightly.

I then sat under the dryer for not long at all. I got out and laid back the chair so she could soften up the hair with a diffuser. I then flipped my hair forward and she did the same thing. She then put a serum in my hair and puled it through.

And this is the final result!!!!!!!

This is my awesome stylist Mirsada

And this is Carolina who everyone said my hair looked just like.

I absolutely love this cut and the way my hair falls!!! Yay!!! More wash & go’s!! (I’ve been lazy recently so I plan to do more wash and go’s in the near future)

I loved the way both of them explained everything to me while they were doing it. They helped me understand everything they were doing and why they were doing it!

If you are in the NY area or in an area with one of their certified salons, I definitely recommend you get a cut if you are looking for something less bulky, etc..

Thanks again to Ouidad for doing such an amazing job and for the GREAT customer service.

The video of all the action will come next week so look out for it!