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My new weave-Brazilian Curly

My head doesnt hurt anymore lol. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, please check out my newest YouTube video. Lexi’s Weave  I had an event to go to for Clark Atlanta’s Homecoming and I had the hardest time trying to get my hair to blend. Because my hair is long, it could be easier to blend but could not be easier. I think I need to put a rinse on my leave out to dark brown so it can match the weave. I feel that will make it easier to blend. I wanted to wear it in its curly state, but my Chi iron and my curling iron werent working. Last night, I braided my hair into the weave and it blended nicely. Also,  I will try flexi-rods as well. It didn’t turn out well the first night but I should’ve known. That shouldnt have been my first attempt since I didn’t have much time to keep it together. I will do a video whenever it turns out okay……sigh