My new regimen

I think I am going to develop a new regimen temporarily. Straight 3 weeks (with just ONE initial straightening) and 1 week in its natural straight. From my personal experience, I retain more length and my hair has less damages ends when I keep it straight consistently. Even though I detangle my hair everytime I wash it, my hair is tightly curled/coiled that it wraps around the other strands and continues to create tangles which damages my ends when I have to keep combing it. I do believe that less manipulation=more healthy hair retention. I believe protective styles do this as well- like cornrows, twists, or weaves. I think I will adopt this regimen for 2 of 3 months and see how it works. I know when I first went natural, I could could see my hair growing like a weed because it was consistently detangled so I wasn’t messing up the ends. The original reason why I went natural was for versatility- the ability to wear it straight and curly and I kind of got away from that. I hadn’t straightened my hair in more than a year and I lost the “versatility” aspect I went natural for. I did, however, experiment more with my natural texture by doing more twist outs, and twists and other styles which is still versatility. I like to switch it up though. How do some of you ladies retain healthy hair length and what do you think the key is? Do you think its low manipulation?