My new Mailing Lists! Details inside

I have been getting e-mails for awhile from people who are wondering how to hear about events that I host, etc.. if they don’t have Facebook. It was honestly just easier for me to post on Facebook and to be able to have the Event page there where people can say Yay or Nay to whether they were coming. It was the easiest way for me to keep people updated. Even though I do posts on my blog and Youtube videos, I get several e-mails from people saying they didn’t know about events.

Also, I am getting several messages from people in other states asking about doing events where they live. I do plan on planning events outside of Atlanta. If you have an area where it’s ALOT of naturals, but no natural hair events, please reach out and we will see what we can do. I actually have a “Natural Hair Getaway” planned for next year to an AWESOME place. I will share the details shortly and I hope some of you all would love to go on this journey with me 🙂

I have made several mailing lists for you to add your e-mail to. By Clicking on the Mailing List tab above, you can add your e-mail to Atlanta Events, Events Elsewhere, and/or Contests. Whatever you prefer, add your e-mail if you are interested in receiving emails about events and you will never miss out —as long as you check your e-mail. And the Contests list is to be alerted everytime their is a new contest on my blog or Youtube page.

Thanks for all of your support.